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Our ethos of support and sharing means the process of becoming a CPD Accredited Employer has been an overwhelmingly positive one for scores of employers [...]
Engineers Ireland's tried-and-tested process has proven flexible enough to suit both large and small organisations. Engineers Ireland have taken into account the differing CPD needs of a wide range of engineering technologies and markets and work closely with all employers to bring about real value-add benefits. [...]
There are 12 criteria in total that make up the process of being considered for CPD Accredited Employer status. However, only the first 8 of these are mandatory for all organisations, small and large. [...]

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1. Symposium in Portugal (Pilot Phase) May 30th - June 2nd , 2011 2. Symposium in Romania (Pilot Phase) August 29th - September 1st, 2011 3.[...]
The fourth and final symposium of the pilot phase of the project took place in Bratislava, Slovakia from January 24th ΓΆ€“ 27th, 2012. The[...]
The final symposium of the project took place in Maribor, Slovenia in March 25th ΓΆ€“ 30th, 2012. The purpose of this CPD masterclass symposium[...]