CPD Accreditation process

Engineers Ireland’s tried-and-tested process has proven flexible enough to suit both large and small organisations.  Engineers Ireland have taken into account the differing CPD needs of a wide range of engineering technologies and markets and work closely with all employers to bring about real value-add benefits.

The Steps Involved


Formal contact between partner organisation and the employer. Each partner organisation are happy to present to your management, engineering and HR/Training team.


Set goal

Agree CPD Accreditation as an Organisational Goal. Agreement that the scheme is relevant and signal intention to pursue accreditation


e-Guide to Implementing CPD. Access granted to our CPD Accredited employer web area to download support materials

Gap analysis

In conjunction with partner organisation, review status of CPD systems and practices in your organisation


Implement CPD Systems and Practices. Address any gaps using our on-line e-Guide. Avail of expert consultancy from Engineers Ireland/partner organisation CPD Accreditation team


Written Submission to Engineers Ireland/partner organisation. Complete Accreditation checklist to demonstrate that all necessary criteria have been fulfilled


Engineers Ireland/partner organisation Accreditation Audit. A ½ day or a 1 day audit of systems and practices against criteria



CPD Accredited Employer. Formal approval by Engineers Ireland/Partner Organisation for up to 3 years with an annual report. Ongoing CPD support and consultancy from Engineers Ireland


Recognition: Award of framed certificate with attendant P.R. and publicity. Become the first CPD Accredited company in your country.