CPD Criteria

There are 12 criteria in total that make up the process of being considered for CPD Accredited Employer status. However, only the first 8 of these are mandatory for all organisations, small and large.

Mandatory Criteria for Accreditation

To be considered for CPD Accredited Employer status, your organisation should provide evidence of the following mandatory good CPD systems and practices:

1. Internal CPD Committee
2. CPD Policy
3. Performance management and development system
4. Formal CPD – minimum 5 days average per annum recorded
5. Mentoring for professional development
6. Linkages with professional institutions/learned bodies
7. Knowledge sharing activities
8. Evaluation of CPD impact
Advisory good practices
Employers of more than 100 engineers and technicians will be asked to address:
9. Postgraduate educational activity
10. Competency frameworks / Talent management
Only larger organisations with complex operations and rapid rate of change will be audited against the full 12 criteria.
11. Advanced knowledge management practices
12. Fostering of creativity and innovation