Maribor Symposium - October 25th - 28th, 2011

The third symposium of the pilot phase of the project took place in Maribor, Slovenia from October 25th - 28th, 2011. The purpose of this symposium was to conduct a mock CPD accreditation audit on TÅ C Maribor (the company working with the Slovenian National Committee for FEANI as part of the project). The symposium was spread over four days to allow time for the project leaders, Engineers Ireland, to share as much knowledge as possible regarding preparing for a CPD audit, conducting a CPD Accreditation audit and writing a CPD accreditation report.

Company Overview: Technical School Centre (TÅ C ) Maribor is a modern and development-oriented educational institution with a rich tradition of education. TÅ C Maribor employs 91 employees of which 25 are engineers and 8 are technicians. Students can be trained in a number of very topical educational programs, which offer good opportunities for employment or further education. The aim of TÅ C is to establish high quality overall and professional technical theoretical and practical education for young people and adults.

Day 1: Tuesday October 25th, 2011 - Preparation for TÅ C Maribor audit visit

The first day of the Maribor symposium entailed a classroom session on Criteria 5 and 6 presented by Aidan Harney, Engineers Ireland. This is the second last of these classroom sessions with the final session covering the final two of the 8 CPD criteria in the final pilot phase symposia in Slovakia in January 2012.
The second part of the day 1 focused on preparation for the audit visit to TÅ C Maribor on Wednesday, Octboer 26th, 2011. An analysis of the audit checklist provided TÅ C Maribor was conducted and the roles and responsibilities for the audit were decided. For this symposium the project partners took more roles and responsilibilites for the audit visit. This 'hand over' of responsibilities from Engineers Ireland to the project partners will be vital experience for each of the project partners in the implementation phase of the project.

Day 2: Wednesday October 26th, 2011 - TÅ C Maribor Audit Visit

The TÅ C Maribor audit visit was conducted by the audit panel consisting of all the project partners involved in the project. TÅ C Maribor supplied evidence of their current CPD practices and how they matched up against the 8 criteria of Engineers Ireland's CPD Accredited Employer Standard. Interviews of engineering/technical staff employed by TÅ C Maribor took place to further investigate the impact and level of CPD of the organisation.

Day 3: Thursday 27th October, 2011 - Writing of audit report

All partners convened to discuss and analyze the previous day's audit visit to TÅ C Maribor . All project partners took a more active role in writing the CPD audit report. This session followed on from the experience of the previous symposia with all partners contributing to the final audit report.

Day 4: Friday 28th October, 2011 - Presentation of audit report to TÅ C Maribor

The auditing panel returned to TÅ C Maribor to present the CPD audit report to the top management of TÅ C Maribor. The Managing Director of TÅ C Maribor, Drago Kamenik, was present to receive the report and the recommendations from the audit panel.

The experience gained from this symposium will be vital for each project partner when it is time to conduct their own 'real life' CPD accreditation audit on their selected company in June 2012.

The next project symposium is scheduled for January 24th - 27th, 2011 in Bratislava, Slovakia.