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EDP Distribuição

EDP Distribuição is one of the several companies that make part of the largest industrial froup in Portugal – Grupo EDP.

Within the framework of distribution of electrical energy EDP builds, operates and maintains the networks and the infrastructures, ensuring quality of the service and trying to supply a direct and personal service to its clients.

EDP Distribuição encompasses its workers with the global strategy of the company and is concerned in reassuring high levels of motivation, of evolution and of personal and professional development for all.

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Search Corporation

Search Corporation is one of the leading engineering companies in Romania providing services of planning, design, consulting and management of road and air transport infrastructure.

Search Corporation was set up in 1991 and has ever since been committed to its mission of providing its customers with the most professional, technically and financially innovative and efficient services.

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Technical School Centre Maribor

Technical training center (TSC) Maribor is a modern and development-oriented educational institution with a rich tradition of the predecessor schools. Students can be educated in a number of highly topical educational programs, which offer good opportunities for employment or further education.

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Matador is an industrial and investment group doing business in transportation especially automotive industries, mechanical engineering and machining, involving research, design and development works, as well as global trading and consultancy services. Matador’s general aspiration is to become a leader in virtually all business activities that we pursue either within every relevant geographical location or a region.

MATADOR Group grew from a tire-making company that started its operations in 1950. The company introduced new rubber commodities gradually and grew its business substantially. The company re-introduced its original brand-name Matador in 1993. The company was then privatized in 1994 and progressively has been transformed into an industrial and trading group with a focus on rubber-related products especially tires and mechanical engineering industries within automotive and non-automotive segments.

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