Engineers Ireland

Founded in 1835, Engineers Ireland is the trading name of the legal entity The Institution of Engineers of Ireland. With over 24,000 members, Engineers Ireland is one of the country's oldest and largest professional bodies.

Our primary role is to be the representative voice of the engineering profession in Ireland. Engineers Ireland is different from other engineering bodies in Ireland in that we represent all disciplines of engineering at all levels, from technician to PhD. We organise a comprehensive national and regional lifelong learning programme of papers, CPD lectures, debates, discussions, CPD seminars, CPD conferences, training courses and site visits.

In Ireland, Engineers Ireland is the leading body with regard to lifelong learning for engineering professionals. Our CPD framework, running since 1999, is Government funded and has already been presented as a best-practice case study to the European Committee of the Regions where it was strongly endorsed as an EU model.


Organisation: Engineers Ireland
Contact person (name): Simon Purdue (Project Co-Ordinator)
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Fax:   +353 1 6651370
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