The General Association of Engineers in Romania

The first attempts for setting up technical and engineering organizations in Romania goes back to the second half of the 19th Century, when "The Society of the Engineers and Architects" was founded (1876).

The first long-lasting professional association of the engineers was the Polytechnic Society, founded in 1881, in the presence of King Charles I, on the occasion of opening the Buzau-Marasesti railroad, the first Romanian railroad builded by Romanian Engineers.

The General Association of Engineers in Romania (AGIR) was founded in 1918, the year of the Great Union of Romania, in Iasi; its aims were "to organize and to enhance the engineers' knowledge and working power (…), so that they can bring the greatest possible contribution to the country's reconstruction (…), to encourage engineers' solidarity and to defend their professional interests".

The two associations have functioned simultaneously until 1949, when they merged into the Scientific Association of Technicians. This one became, in 1951, the Scientific Association of Engineers and Technicians and between 1962 - 1989, the National Council of Engineers and Technicians. The Juridical Decision 4/P.J. 1990 sanctioned the reappearance, within the Romanian society, of the General Association of Engineers in Romania, as the fully entitled successor of the previous Romanian organizations of engineers.


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